Helping You Get Your Canada Work Permit Visa

If you are someone who has an offer of employment in Canada but are not a Canadian citizen and you require a Canada work permit and visa Bains Professional Corporation can help you through the process.  Likewise, if you are an employer and you want to hire a foreign worker we can guide you through the paperwork and the process of getting approval to hire a foreigner that has a Canada work permit and visa.

The Canada Work Permit And Visa Process

If you are a worker who is currently outside Canada we will work with you step by step through the process of getting your work permit. Our team of Immigration experts will assist both workers and employers so that workers can obtain the work permit and visa needed and employers properly submit the appropriate documentation to complete the process.  Having the expertise of our immigration professionals to assist in preparing applications can make a very big difference when applying to embassies overseas.  While an employer may submit the appropriate paperwork and be approved from that side, it’s no guarantee that the worker will get approved for the visa required to enter Canada. We have the knowledge, training and expertise allowing us to review the requirements of the Canadian embassy that handles applications from the worker's country of origin, and we make sure everything is presented according to those guidelines.

Canada Work Permit Visa

Canada Work Permit Holders

We also assist workers that current hold a valid Canada work permit and visa but need to apply for a renewal either to extend their current work permit with their current employer or to apply for a work permit for a new position.  We are able to assist you whether you need a work permit extension or renewal. 

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